Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research LWF


  • Community: Wettingen / canton AG
  • Date of installation: 1.05.2012
  • Size of the plot: 1.34 ha
  • Altitude: 643 - 718 m
  • Mean slope: 37 %
  • Geology: Chain Jurassic; Jurassic: Malm, Molasseehan Clay
  • Soil types (WSL) : calcareous brown soil, chromic luvisol, mixed rendzina


  • Woodland association after Ellenberg and Klötzli's classification (1972): Galio odoratio-Fagetum typicum bis Pulmonario-Fagetum typicum
  • Main tree species: fagus sylvatica
  • Management system: high forest
  • Silvicultural system: forest reserve
  • Top-height diameter (quadratic average diameter of the 100 thickest trees per ha): 72.18 cm
  • Number of trees BHD >= 12 cm (2011): 503
  • Maximum tree age: picea abies: 120-170 years, fagus sylvatica: ca. 150 years


    Collaboration with the groups Grassland Sciences and Land-Climate Dynamics from the ETHZ, the NABEL from the EMPA and the unit Soil Science & Biogeochemistry from the University of Zurich.

Atmospheric deposition

Kontakt: Peter Waldner, Anne Thimonier, Maria Schmitt, WSL.

Foliar analysis

Kontakt: Peter Waldner, Anne Thimonier, Maria Schmitt, WSL.