Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research LWF


From annual inventory of tree-crown condition to automatic measurement of the radial variations in tree stems every 10 minutes, we combine multifaceted research with the latest transmission technology across different site categories.

At the 19 LWF research sites (Level II in the European ICP Forests network), we record approximately 25 million values annually using around 50 measuring sensors and collectors (see diagram). This network is complemented by several sites on which we combine long-term forest ecosystem research with experiments involving, for example, the irrigation of individual plots of land in the Pfyn forest in order to study the impact of drought.

Eleven LWF sites are incorporated into the TreeNet network, where we measure tree growth every 10 minutes using point dendrometers. We also record the condition of the treetops each summer for approximately 1,100 trees at around 50 Sanasilva monitoring sites.